Why would you want to raw feed your dog?
I would start by considering these points:

• Less ‘doggy’ smell
• Poops a lot less (and its kickable – without the skid!)
• Shiny, glossy and non greasy coat
• Sparkly teeth and odourless breath – forever…
• Pure enthusiasm about food (yes even more!)
• Raw is perfect for yeasty, colitis-y, itchy, sore and smelly dogs!

• Less itching
• Less hyperactivity
• Less trumps!
• More contented
• Less disease – lives for longer
• Vets bills a lot less!

If any of these sound good to you then it might be time to start reconsidering your dog’s diet. A raw diet is species appropriate – the way a dog is designed from its teeth, through its physical attributes to its digestive system lends itself to a diet of raw meat, bone and offal. All you need to do is check out your dog’s fangs to see this! Ditch the brown pebbles (if they really are that nutritious then why don’t we, as humans, have something so cheap/easy/nutritious too?) and give you dog exactly what it needs and loves! If you are unsure please get in touch!

Is raw feeding gross?
It is only as ‘gross’ as you want it to be! I feed my dogs a pre-made mince – it is just like buying a pack of beef mince – I defrost in the fridge, weigh and spoon into their bowls. Personally, I find some human cooking (marinating chicken, making meatballs/burgers, removing giblets…) far more grim that anything I’ve done for my dogs!

Is raw feeding safe?
Recently, this has had a lot of hype. Here is the simple bottom line – you are dealing with raw meat – so precautions need to be taken. Clean your dog’s bowl, utensils you use and your hands and it is safe. An unpublished study (take of that what you want…) recently stated that more salmonella, E.Coli and Campylobacter was present in the poop of raw fed dogs more often than dry/wet food fed dogs. This isn’t a worry for me as I don’t tend to go around touching my dogs poop! Furthermore, this is actually a pretty complex issue since all dogs shed these bacteria in their poop and coats naturally despite what they are fed. My final word on this is that there are plenty of food recalls on dry/wet dog food for bacteria contamination. The UK market for raw dog food is actually highly regulated, companies batch test, they take huge steps to avoid any bacteria contamination, food is frozen – with this and good hygiene practises it is my educated opinion that it is just as safe as any other food.

Is raw feeding ‘a fad’?
This is a really strange concept since ‘dog food’ wasn’t invented until the 1950s. Before this dogs used to eat anything and everything – they can survive, its true, on just about any old stuff! But the question is do we want our family members just surviving or thriving? When you look deeply into the stats we actually see that since the 1950s, our canine companions life expectancy was around 18 years old, look to 2017 they are expected to live to the grand old age of …..11. For me, that’s shocking! Now, there could be loads of reasons why this is – over vaccination, overmedicating etc etc but since this decline seems to coincide with the commercialisation of dog food, it is pretty suspicious! Besides, dogs as a species have been around for a long time – way before us humans started feeding them table scraps. What we know of history and the few wild dogs we have left on the planet is that they are facultative carnivores:

“A facultative carnivore does best on a carnivorous diet, but can survive-but-not-thrive on a non-carnivorous one. It prefers not to do that, but when pushed, it will.”

Is raw feeding expensive?
This question is one I get a lot. Raw feeding is as expensive or cheap as you want it to be – an average westie (weighing 10kg) can be fed on a good quality ‘complete’ raw food for around 30p a day. For a 30kg dog and the same food you would be looking at around £1.80 per day. If you want to make the food yourself (which, can I say, I would not recommend to newbies) then you can do it even cheaper – but it depends how ‘gross’ you want to get! Let’s take into account a good quality kibble is going to cost 50p per day for your westie and £3 per day for your 30kg dog – yes, I did just do all the maths from a good quality kibble!
On top of this when considering your choice for you family member please consider them being healthier – so less cost on vet bills, their poop is smaller – it only costs you one lavender scented bag a day!

Is raw feeding difficult/time consuming?
Ok, another biggy of a question! So for me, I feed a good quality premade – so the time it takes me is to order the food online or buy from a pet shop, put it in the freezer, put what I am feeding in the fridge to defrost, weigh and serve! Boom! Easy as that! My dogs occasionally get a more exciting tasty bone to eat too but it’s the same process with a tiny bit more thought needed on what I feed before and after (this will be covered in the Raw Feeding Guide: Beyond the beginning!). If you fancy becoming a little bit of a butcher – it can be more time consuming and require research and knowledge – but you never know you may love making gourmet dinners for your beloved darlings (whilst you continue to eat MCDs and frozen pizzas …. Like me!).

Why doesn’t my vet support this choice?
Oh why did I include this question – I ask myself! I am not one for vet bashing in the slightest (honestly) but what I will say is this, I see with my own eyes dogs that are healthier, live longer, and are happier on a raw diet. I see that as pet parents this style of thinking/feeding/being for our dogs is gaining presence and momentum. I see that vets are given minimal nutritional training compared to other areas – don’t get me wrong they are experts in veterinary medicine but I’m yet to meet a conventional vet who seems to understand my logic or respect my researched knowledge.

For more information or if you have any further queries, please email direct at sarah@nutriK9.co.uk