About NutriK9

NutriK9 was set up to bring a wider range of raw dog food, natural treats and supplements to the local Nottingham area.

Having raw fed our own dogs for a number of years we had tried to approach small, independent pet shops about stocking the raw food we wanted to feed. Without success this lead us to find the time and space to do it ourselves. We do not recommend any supplements that we have not tried or have friends who have used with great success. We only stock the best quality raw food to suit a range of budgets and the tastiest, most natural and chemical free treats!

We’re aiming to provide a real personal service, so if there’s a particular product you’re after or just after some advice, please feel free to get in touch!

Read more about Sarah!

I am passionate about proper canine nutrition and ‘filling in the gaps’ I have felt with my own dogs from the conventional veterinary profession. Having sorted out issues with my own dogs without support of my vets I know it can be hard to go against the grain! I am now qualified with a diploma in Canine Nutrition and Healthcare from the British College of Canine Studies and working towards an additional certificate in Holistic Health for dogs. I am enthusiastic about helping as many pet parents as possible to discover a healthy and more natural way to feed their dogs!

Read more about Robert & Meg!

Robert is a 3 year old male, occasionally grumpy, human loving westie – we have had him since a pupster and he’s been raw feed since he was 8 weeks old. He developed a skin condition after his 1 year booster vaccination (needless to say he hasn’t been vaccinated since!). The vets recommended antibiotics, steroids, medicated shampoo, blood allergy testing and allergy injections – all for a princely sum. My gut told me we didn’t not need to put him through this! Through careful balancing and slow checking and reintroductions (possible with a raw diet) I nailed the problem down to chicken and turkey proteins and an allergy dust mite faeces (which is more common than you think). For 18 months Robert has been scab and sore free!

Meg is an ex breeder puppy farm rescue – she’s estimated to be aged between 4-7 (we really have no idea!). She’s a wonderful, sassy, loving and occasionally shy westie. When we first brought Meg home she has already made huge strides in her health – the pictures of her when first rescued are abominable (swollen, shaved to the skin because of matting, rotting teeth….). However, she quickly became more malnourished and poorly in the first few months that we had her despite being on the same food. She had every test going at the vets – they told us she had cancer and may not have long left – we sought a second opinion. We are now working with a holistic vet who has diagnosed her with severe inflammatory bowel disease. She has had a Nutriscan test (which I highly recommend) and this came back with lots of intolerances. With the vet we are now working on a diet *just* for Meg – she is improving greatly. Meg has been my biggest heartache, my greatest joy and my most difficult puzzle – but together we are getting there!